Testimonial from Nathalie Diaz Asmat Scholarship Recipient, 2022

Claudia Rosas Càrdenas (Peru)

At the end of every academic year, we ask our scholarship recipients to reflect on their experience studying at the WTI. Following, is Claudia's testimonial.

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  • How did you find out about the scholarship?

I found out about the Nathalie Diaz Asmat Scholarship through the Global Impact Association website. This scholarship was created to honor the legacy of Nathalie, a MILE 14 Alumna who sadly passed away in 2020. She was a lawyer from Peru who came to Switzerland to study at WTI thanks to a scholarship. Then, she worked at the WTO and was a valuable member of the international trade community.

  • How did it help you?

The scholarship covers the registration and tuition fees for the MILE programme and my living expenses in Bern. Also, it helped me with the travel expenses from Lima to Bern.

  • What do you find most beneficial from the scholarship?

This scholarship gave me the opportunity to study at the WTI, the leading institution in the international trade and investment field. The interdisciplinary focus of the programme challenged me to learn more and motivate me to do research about these topics. It also contributes with my personal growth and professional development as it helped me to improve my teamwork skills and expand my network.

  • How was your experience at the WTI?

It was a unique experience. I learned a lot about international trade and investment from the experts on the field. The program enriched my knowledge as it combined professionals with backgrounds on economics, law, and political science. It allowed me to have a real glimpse of the world due to the diversity of the courses.

  • What would you say to somebody attempting that scholarship?

Prepare yourself! This is an intensive program but it is worth the effort.


  • Why do you think it’s relevant for Peru or Latin America in general?

I believe that Peru, and Latin America in general, have great international trade and investment professionals that want to continue learning more about these topics and apply their knowledge to their reality. For me, as a former government official, I would like to share what I have learnt at the WTI in benefit of my country.

  • Anything you’ll like to add?

I would like to thank Nathalie’s family and friends for giving me this opportunity. They have been supportive and caring with me. I hope I can make them proud and honour Nathalie’s legacy.




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