Testimonial from Patricia Murillo Montesdeoca Scholarship Recipient, 2022

Karla Shantal Ayala Molina (Mexico)

In this testimonial we asked our 2022 Patricia Murillo Montesdeoca scholarship recipients, Karla, to share her experience receiving one of the Global Impact Association's scholarships. We are pleased to share her testimony about studying in Bern at the World Trade Institut.

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· How did you hear about the scholarship?

I was working for the Mexican Ministry of Economy when a university professor shared information about the Patricia Murillo Montesdeoca Scholarship through social media. I was surprised by the possibility of studying abroad at a prestigious institution like WTI, so I decided to apply and try my best to get the scholarship.

· How did it help you?

Since the scholarship for the TRAIL + program included the flight from my country of origin to Switzerland and a stipend for the usual expenses such as student accommodation, groceries, transportation, mobile phone bill, and, if there was an opportunity, to go on excursions to other cities near Bern. This financial contribution allowed me to concentrate all my efforts and abilities on the master.

· What did you find most beneficial from the scholarship ?

We know that a scholarship is synonymous with opportunity; that was my case. The scholarship has been a lifetime opportunity. It allowed me to continue my academic training within an excellent institution, enhance my knowledge in international trade and investment, broaden my horizon in areas I was unfamiliar with under the tutelage of expert professors in different fields, and socialize with people from different backgrounds and cultures that are now like my family in Switzerland.

· How was your experience in the WTI?

My WTI experience was challenging; the TRAIL+program is demanding and requires full commitment. Economics classes were the most exciting and tough since I am a lawyer and lacked expertise or knowledge. However, with the accompaniment and guidance of the teachers always, we all made it.

· What would you say to someone attempting that scholarship?

If you are passionate about international trade and investment, WTI is undoubtedly the best option and opportunity you cannot miss. However, this is not a program to chill; be convinced that hard work is essential. If you have these two characteristics, have the courage, and apply.

· Why do you think it is relevant for students in your country in general?

Mexico is an open economy, and international trade and foreign direct investment are defining characteristics and key drivers of its economy. As a student or professional, there is a commitment to
contribute to maintaining the country’s competitiveness. 

Mexico needs prepared and committed people in all sectors, nationally and internationally, capable of representing and promoting national interests and always seeking the welfare of the people. In this sense, the GIA and WTI scholarship will provide you with the tools to achieve it.

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